Meet the happylovecouple


Hello world, my name is David and I am one part of the happylovecouple. Originally born in Berlin but with origins in Romania, Iran and Greece I grew up in a very international surrounding and always dreamed of traveling the world. Currently I am teaching as an assistant professor and working on my phd in economics with focus on developing countries. My passions are cooking for my friends and family, photography and of course traveling this beautiful planet :)


A warm welcome to our website from the better part of the happylovecouple ;)

I am Madeleine and also originally from Berlin with origins in Romania. While traveling the world I am always impressed by the hospitable people we meet and the different cultures that make our planet so diverse and incredible beautiful. In my professional life I am a Hair & Make Up Artist working in various environments like fashion shootings, videos or weddings. 

My passions are eating the food that David prepares :), hiking and also traveling the world! 

& Pluto ;)

WOOF WOOF! I am Pluto and personally I think that without me their would be no happylovecouple. I am the glue between David and Madeleine and without me their life would be so much less interesting. Originally I am from Hungary and love it when they take me with them on the road. My passions are food, hiking through the woods and taking a nap! WOOF WOOF!