On the following sites we will show you all the places we already visited and provide you with our top tips. We will show you our favorite cafes, hotels, shows or other activities and everything else you need to know about the destinations. 

It just need time to write and upload everything so please be patient with us :)

Where have we been?


Canada: Vancouver

USA: Chicago // Las Vegas // Los Angeles // New York // Portland // St. Louis





Austria: Vienna

Czech Republic: Prague

France: Cannes // Menton // Nice // Paris // St. Tropez

Finnland: Helsinki // Rovaniemi

Germany: Baden - Baden // Berlin // Dresden // Munich // Tegernsee 

Hungary: Budapest

Iceland: Akureyri // Höfn // Reykjavik // Seydisfjördur // Vik

Italy: Florence // Genova // Milano // Pisa // Portofino // San Remo // Toscana // Venice

Monaco: Monte -Carlo

Liechtenstein: Vaduz

Poland: Stepnica

Romania: Bran // Brasov // Breaza // Bucharest // Poiana

Switzerland: Andermal // Zurich